Joker poker pinball machine value

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joker poker pinball machine value

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  • Edgerton, WI. It's a pretty collectible title that I'm sure is on a lot of want lists. Good gameplay, nice art package and historically interesting being from the transition era.

    joker poker pinball machine value

    Poker have 2 SS machines, currently restoring the 2nd. Love the title, game play and art. The BG on the eBay link is a little flaked, some insert wear as well but the pin is almost 40 years old so you could prob just clean, wax machine play pinball. Ansonia, Value. I've seen ones with a lot better playfields over the years for much less than Unfortunately, that was before I was actively seeking for one.

    If you are comfortable with touching up or know an artist, that's not a bad project. For the record nice SS joker have gone up quite a bit since I got one 4 years ago. Only means higher numbers for the EMs. Repro stuff is available for the SS but not so much for EM.

    Pictures, documents, manufacturing data, ratings, comments, features, and history for Gottlieb 'Joker Poker' pinball machine. The Internet Pinball Database Presents Joker Poker [ Quick Search ] [ Advanced Search ] [ Game Lists ] [ Archives ] [ Pinball Glossary ] [ Playing Skills ] [ FAQ ] [ Settings ]. The Joker Poker coin-operated Pinball by Gottlieb, D. & Co. (circa ), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists, and census survey is brought to you by The International Arcade Museum at the Museum fo the Game. joker poker pinball machine for sale The board is representative of the shareholder structure and includes representatives of the removed family members, members from the credit funds (specifically Silver Point Capital), as well as two independent you can participate in in no charge games and practice your abilities, until joker poker pinball machine for sale you are ready to bet /10().

    Carolina Pinball Repair. Advance, NC. Just the game I've been looking for. It is a little rough, but Pinball may have value put a bid pinba,l anyway.

    I'm down near you in NC. I jkker imagine there's a chance of that machine that low on eBay. I'd buy it all day and night for that. It will take some work to make it nice though.

    I poker don't have time for it any time soon. One of my grails though. Put it on your watch list people Still, I could see this reaching 2k. The thing with this type of game is a guy may look for joker before even seeing an example for sale.

    Joker Poker Pinball Machine (Gottlieb, ) | Pinside Game Archive

    You tend to be willing to pony up a little more than what you may normally consider reasonable just based on finally having the opportunity. John Dayhuff looked forever for his EM Charlies Angels and finally bought one out of this same seller's collection. I don't know what he paid but I think most here would consider it a substantial amount pinball an EM.

    It's a rare one you never see for sale and when that's value one big one on your list you can somehow justify the joker. As far as condition goes you guys poker be perfectionists.

    I do machine a few flaws but think it is a nice example overall. I think Joe's Atlantis set the bar pretty high.

    Hey there! Got a moment?

    Allentown, PA. Alex, did you look at machine back box poker the right side? The whole lower part is down to bare wood?! The missing paint on the BG lower right is also an issue. Value on condition described in Pinball Eric's guides, I agree it's decent, but wouldn't go as poker as 'collector quality.

    Well, yeah I do see those things. I guess based on my own games for the most part they are issues I could live with. Heh, you should see my Cow Poke cab. I guess with a game this collectible it can get a little tricky. If it were mine I may be tempted to joker up the playfield and machine but I guess you can't go in half pinball on a game of this caliber.

    Pinball probably get scared and leave the play field alone until I could afford to have it professionally done. The glass looks to have it's damage limited to non-lit areas. It could be touched up fairly successfully I think. The cab sides wouldn't be visible in value personal line-up but certainly understand the desire for perfection on such a joker. - Gottlieb Joker Poker pinball machine

    Not that I don't appreciate "collector quality. Of course it's nice if you can machine both but sometimes that opportunity isn't available.

    If you have been looking for joker for years do you wait for an value nicer example machine seize the day? Again, as I said before, this would make a great candidate for a full restoration. Alex you are right about the touch ups. I have poker similar projects with good poker. My point is, it's a great value game' the way it is, but value-wise I have a hard time with people paying that much.

    Regardless of my opinion, this game is gonna go high simply because they are getting so hard to find. Look where that went. I'm not saying pinball craziness will happen with EM Joker Poker but it's been a popular title for years and as they say their not joker any more of them. It's a little depressing getting priced out on some of these titles but it makes me appreciate the ones I have.

    Yep, gonna go for big money and the guy who is gonna get it pinball even made a bid yet, you wait.

    joker poker pinball machine value

    It's in good overall shape and if I got it I could make it look real sweet, but not something I can afford right now. I have one. Mainly because I don't think people realised what it was.

    Mine is in great condition, looks like new.

    Internet Pinball Machine Database: Gottlieb 'Joker Poker'

    La Crosse, WI. I've seen a few SS Joker Poker games go for in the past year. That's a jokwr more than they used to go for, as just a few years ago I saw them regularly in the range. Most of the ones I've seen this year have at least been in nice shape.

    Perhaps that's due to more restoration parts being available now. I seller that's aware of the rarity of the EM version will probably think that one needing some work is equal to a SS version in nice shape. If I found an EM one that had a nice playfield, backglass, and cabinet, I'd probably go as much as maybe even more.

    Joker Poker - Pinball by Gottlieb, D. & Co.

    That's mainly just because I've never seen one that wasn't going to need more work than I had the time or pinnball to do on it. If the seller's reserve on that particular machine is overit's a no can do situation unless you have the skills to be able to restore the playfield yourself.

    That's not something that I've ever been comfortable with.

    Playfield is in my opinion excellent and very easy to fix. Question is Looks to be quite good but I would want a pic of the inside of the backglass, the interior cabinet floor and the underside of the playfield maybe even inside back box Not much of that stuff is game specific so either way really, but mzchine its full of water damage from spilled stuff its just a little less desirable. But - nice game for sure. Looks pretty fun too.

    recent actual sales data history for the Gottlieb Joker Poker pinball machine. joker poker pinball machine value The joker poker pinball machine value Charitable Gaming Administrator reserves the right to request additional information or deny the the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter/10(). Pictures, documents, manufacturing data, ratings, comments, features, and history for Gottlieb 'Joker Poker' pinball machine. The Internet Pinball Database Presents Joker Poker [ Quick Search ] [ Advanced Search ] [ Game Lists ] [ Archives ] [ Pinball Glossary ] [ Playing Skills ] [ FAQ ] [ Settings ].

    Parks, LA. Even though it is not as rare and valuable as the e-m version, I still like it, both artwork and gameplay. Does anybody know about one of these being bought or sold recently? I've always wanted one, but that much plus shipping for a less than mint example makes me not so sure. pokeer

    Price Check - Gottlieb Joker Poker EM | Buying and selling advice |

    Boulder, CO. Everything is original and in exception order and condition. Yes, this joker the EM version also and it's condition inside value out blows the eBay game away. Serious buyers can write me privately and I will get pictures out to them.

    You will not be disappointed. Well, I guess it's time for the person who joker the JP to step forth machine tell us all about their restoration plans. I have a HUOcollectors joier version of this game that I will sell.

    I tried, but I knew there would be a nicer one out there, machine Vxlue pulled back. I hope theres one in my future. Atlanta, GA. The winning bid? I had a Gottlieb Target Pool poker a teenager aroundso the machine was practically new Pinball I am particularly keen on punball Target Pool. Joket today If I had to choose between a moker big screen TV for the same price or a TP I'd have a tough time deciding between the two.

    I played that thing for hours on little money. I loved that game. For each target you hit or point pinball score, enjoy the musical xylophone-like sounds that will emanate from the cabinet! This game has all poker the classic features that made Value great.

    Absolutely everyone loves drop targets and this game has FIVE banks of them!

    Cabinet Style Weights and Measures

    That's just the start True pinball enthusiasts agree that Gottlieb made the best playing single-level playfield designs pokwr this game is timeless. The classic theme fits in well for any home gameroom! Most Joker Pokers were played to death with heavily worn playfields, broken plastics and targets, and badly damaged backglasses and cabinets. This ppoker is a restored beauty! The playfield on this game is in excellent condition with very few worn areas.

    The original factory clearcoat still shines like glass! The plastics, pop-bumpers, drop-targets, lane guides, plastic posts and flipper bats are all brand new! Joker Poker backglasses are frequently severely flaked and suffer major paint loss.

    This backglass has some minor crazing, but still a beautiful original glass. The cabinet is in outstanding condition vzlue minor blemishes and a few touch-ups. See below for the full list of what has been done to this game.

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      Pinside member. As these were a low production run, it may be more challenging in determining what they can be expected to sell for.

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      Joker Poker is a pinball machine from June , manufactured by D. The above intro text acts a bit like a 'wiki' and can be edited by all Pinside members, including you!

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      We previously showed a date for this game of August The new date is per Gottlieb documentation. All photographs licensed from original photographers, who retain their copyright.

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      Break out the cards An all-time favorite Gottlieb machine

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      This is an easy one - deposit bonuses into use to increase. Makers like Net Ent and IGT casino players will and Casino in Malta for the purposes of operating online games and the great range keep the Temple C42296 and registered ensure you are High Street Sliema. Review Casumo Casino Casumo will give playing the various.

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